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Zeitschild Skincare

The (PRE) pregnancy box

The (PRE) pregnancy box

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Both during pregnancy and during pregnancy , the female body undergoes a lot of hormonal fluctuations. Your mental and physical health is going through a rollercoaster of changes.

Zeitschild and Insentials focus on women and her (preventive) recovery 'from the inside out' in the long term. A scientific, naturally effective skin care and efficient vitamin cure with ONLY ingredients and ingredients to get (back) into your feminine balance. NO unnecessary fillers, preservatives or irritants!

This (pre) pregnancy box contains:

1. Essential vitamins (including refillable jar)

The essential vitamins every woman needs. A healthy start, unique absorption technology with, among other things, a high dose of folic acid.

1 month / 30 tabs to be taken with your first meal
Both preventively and during pregnancy.

2. Insentials Balance me

To balance your mental and hormonal health.

1 month / 30 vegan tabs to take with your first meal
Both preventively and during pregnancy.

3. Active Relief Serum 30 ml

The soothing serum of choice for irritated, acne-prone skin. Redness, itching and swelling are quickly suppressed and soothed. Beta glucan ensures rapid skin regeneration here.

4. Daycare Sensitive 50 ml

This day care focuses on the skin barrier and its recovery.
The natural barrier function can be disturbed by hormonal fluctuations, which manifests itself in irritation or hypersensitivity.
Niacinamide (vitamin B3) here strengthens and regenerates the natural barrier function and brings the skin back into balance.

Gaelle Six & Amandine De Paepe

Amandine De Paepe & Gaelle Six


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