Facial care for tired skin

Do you sometimes suffer from tired skin?

You're not the only one. Many people suffer from tired skin. With the right products and a good skin routine you ensure that you get a radiant skin again.

The skin renews itself every 28 days, bringing older skin cells to the surface of the skin. If you don't do anything about this, your skin will become sallow, which results in a dull, sallow complexion.

Tired skin can be caused by various factors. Sleep deprivation, unhealthy lifestyle, but also external factors such as wind and weather. Because of these things, your skin dries out faster, with the result that your skin looks duller. Tired skin can accelerate skin aging. It is important to act preventively.

To start with, it is recommended to take care of the skin every day, cleaning with an appropriate cleanser. When you cleanse, treat your skin gently. Don't rub, just dab. It is best to always use lukewarm water.

This ensures that a healthy glow on the skin is restored. In addition to cleaning, it is important to stimulate cell renewal. Young, healthy and new cells ensure a healthy and fresh appearance.

Stress is of course also a major cause of tired-looking skin. Stress makes your skin dull, which makes your skin look older and more tired. With stress and lack of sleep, wrinkles become more visible. In particular, wrinkles around the eyes and lips often leave the skin looking older and tired. Bags and circles under the eyes are the most well-known signs of tired skin.

A day cream ensures that your skin retains moisture, so that you automatically start to shine again.

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