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Lies Desimpelaere - Skin coach and Owner Skin & Brow studio

Heavily impressed! #clientexperience

Zeitschild is safe for my skin by eliminating skin foreign substances. The products moisturize more than other products without feeling sticky.

I tested the products myself on the dry eczematic skin of my 8-year-old daughter. After 2 days her skin was restored!

So very impressed.... and above all very happy to finally be able to help customers with difficult skins. This makes me happy!


Pharmacy Ampe Middelkerke

As a pharmacist, after the product presentation of ZEITSCHILD, I was immediately convinced to work with the full range. Both skincare and dermocare.

They are honest products without the addition of preservatives, perfume, etc.,… Something to which more and more importance is attached today.

The dermocare line is a real added value in the pharmacy for the treatment of problem skins (eczema, psoriasis, acne,…).

I myself am a big fan of the AR Active Relief Serum. A serum without the addition of cortisones, but with similar or even better results as a cortisone cream. Thanks to this serum, many patients already have remarkable results after short-term use.

Pharmacy Ampe Middelkerke - Zeitschild


Merle Zeitschild Experience

Leslynn Zeitschild experience

dr. Desmedt - Dermatology

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