How can I protect my skin from the cold?

Colder days are coming. In the summer you protect yourself from the bright sun and in the winter you protect your face from the cold and possible dehydration.

Protect your skin.

Whether you're a fan of the winter season or not, it will make your skin less happy. The humidity in the winter is a lot lower and that can ensure that the condition of your skin changes. The moisture content in the skin decreases, which can lead to dry skin.

In cold weather conditions, good hydration is important to make the skin glow. Discover how your skin reacts to cold and switch in time to products that richly nourish and support the skin barrier.

How can I protect my skin from the cold


Sensitive and/or dry skin types.

Sensitive and/or dry skin types are more affected by the seasonal changes and cold. In winter, the skin tends to redden, pull or dry out. Temperatures affect the epidermis, causing it to demand nourishing and richer products.

Protect your hands from the cold, wind and rain with our hand cream (instantly absorbs and does not stick).

In order to better protect the skin from the cold, it is important to nourish it well, ie to give it lipids.

Natural skin protection shield

We only approach the skin with ingredients specific to its structure. As a result, your face will not experience an attack, but Zeitschild will form a protection shield, as it were.

A serum and a day cream that protect your skin from the inside and the outside according to a synergistic effect are recommended during the winter.


Our nourishing care products

  1. Active Relief Serum:

Protecting the skin better against the cold also means nourishing it at its core. The serum penetrates the dermis and immediately soothes the tight and unpleasant feeling.


  1. Daycare Rich:

Everything your skin barrier needs to brave the cold. This will mimic, strengthen and nourish your natural skin layer so that it remains hydrated and protected for 24 hours.


Active Relief Serum & Daycare Sensitive


“The key to healthy skin is skin barrier protection. Always!” – Prof. dr. Martin Albrecht – Developer Zeitschild


The use of ingredients such as ceramides and free fatty acids contribute to the construction and support of your skin barrier.

AR Serum:

  • Immediate calming effect
  • Rapid regeneration very sensitive, troubled and/or allergic skin.
  • Nourish the skin from within

BR Cream:

  • Restore natural skin barrier structure
  • Moisturizing and nourishing effect
  • Protecting the barrier against external influences

AR serum & BR cream


4 Tips to protect your skin from the cold

  1. Drink plenty of water to hydrate your skin from the inside out
  2. Don't skimp on moisturizing care
  3. Take care of your hands and moisturize them in time
  4. Use a humidifier in rooms where the heating is running


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