Maskne! And what now? If we have to wear a mouth mask less soon.

You've probably already heard about it: Maskné. By wearing a mouth mask a lot and for a long time, many people suffer from pimples and skin rashes.

In some professions they have to wear the mouth masks for 8 hours a day. Not evident. If you have sensitive skin, your skin can become irritated by this particular form of acne.

They call this new form of acne Maskné.

Maskné is not only related to acne, but also itchy spots, rashes or other dermatological problems can occur. Talking and breathing in the mouth mask creates a lot of heat and humidity. This can change the pH level of your skin, making it more susceptible to bacterial growth called PAcnes, a bacteria that causes the type of red inflamed pimples. This can also hurt.

Our natural protective layer is rubbed off, as it were. As a result, you get hypersensitive and stressful skin. The stress hormone (Cortisol) rises, making your skin less immune. A dirty mask leads to clogged pores that are a breeding ground for all kinds of skin problems.

Maskné through mouth mask

Take care of your skin today for tomorrow

Do not get me wrong. The mouth mask is an efficient and important measure. Soon we will hopefully have to wear all this less. Many people ask "what can we do against maskné?" We decided to summarize this in this blog post.

Do not blindly use acne-remedial products. Depending on your skin type, you can do more harm than good. Fortunately, you can prevent and/or remedy maskné. By reducing the causes to a minimum. Cleanse your skin thoroughly and often. Wash and change your mouth mask regularly.


Some Tips to prevent maskné - remedy:

  1. Limit the use of makeup. Makeup clogs the pores. Focus on your eyes if you like to use makeup.
  2. Wear a cleanly washed mask every day. If you use a surgical disposable mouth mask, throw it away after each use. If you use a fabric mouth mask, choose 100% cotton, these breathe better than other materials. Wash these mouth masks at 60 degrees after each use without fabric softener.
  3. Cleanse your skin twice a day with a gentle cleanser. 2 cleanings increases the chance that you have removed all the sebum and sweat from the skin, giving the skin more chance to recover. The Zeitschild cleansing lotion can be used perfectly for this because the skin is approached in a mild, gentle way.
  4. Use a serum 2 times a day that soothes any itching or redness. Zeitschild's AR Active Relief serum provides fast and efficient relief from irritated skin.
  5. In the morning or before putting on the mask for an extended period of time, use one that protects and repairs your skin barrier. For this, we recommend the BR Barrier Repair cream that intensely moisturizes without leaving a greasy layer.

How do we tackle maskné? mask set


A| Cleaning: Cleansing lotion

This cleansing and caring lotion removes impurities and make-up without using harmful surfactants or surfactants.



B| Serum: AR Active Relief Serum

Fast-acting serum for intensive itching, redness and irritation. Contains specific anti-inflammatory, skin-soothing, anti-inflammatory and soothing active ingredients. Provides rapid skin regeneration and intensive care for very sensitive, troubled or allergic skin types.



C| Cream: BR Barrier Repair Cream

Restoration of the natural barrier structure of very sensitive, dry or not dry to very dry skin. Specially developed for damaged, troubled and allergic skin . Adjuvant therapy to soothe and reduce skin irritations.


Consult our skin experts via our new chat for tailor-made advice. They answer all your questions and are happy to help you find products that are most suitable for your skin.

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