Meet Chloé Ruebens - Skin type: Dry skin

Zeitschild User Experience Chloé Ruebens

Hey Chloe! How did you get to know Zeitschild?

Hi, I'm Chloe. I have dry skin that feels tight quickly. I came into contact with Zeitschild products through a friend.

Which products from our range do you use?

The product range for dehydrated skin, the scar cream, neck and décolleté cream and the BR cream.

Describe why you think Zeitschild distinguishes itself from other brands?

"With Zeitschild you can be sure that you only apply what is necessary on your face. You do your skin much more pleasure with this than where you use unnecessary things."

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What is your favorite product?

The Active Firming Serum. This one has a great texture and leaves a glow in no time.

Take care of your skin!

If you, like Chloé, have dry skin that quickly feels tight , take care of it and think about what you put on your skin.

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