Meet Lies Desimpelaere (Owner Skin & Brow studio) - Skin type: Dry skin

Lies Desimpelaere Owner Skin and brow studio - Zeitschild experience

Hey Lies! Tell us a bit more about yourself

Hello, I'm Lies, skin coach and brow expert and owner of Skin & Brow studio in Roeselare. Since my early childhood I have been fascinated and fascinated by the skin and eyebrows. I became a skin coach by following numerous courses and training. As a skin coach and brow expert I have an eye for detail, I always strive for perfection and the absolute result.

Every detail in your face is my concern!

After all, our skin is the largest organ of our body and requires the necessary knowledge.

You have dry skin, what should we imagine?

I have dry skin with the typical tight feeling.

Which products from our range do you use?

I use the Active Firming & anti-wrinkle serum , the day cream normal, eye and lip contour cream serum .

When the season changes, I give my skin extra protection with the AR serum and the BR cream, which restores and soothes your skin in the event of a flare-up of irritations or eczema. Both for face and body.

Tested myself on the dry eczematic skin of my 8-year-old daughter. After 2 days her skin was restored!

So very impressed.... and above all very happy to finally be able to help customers with difficult skins. This makes me happy!

What is your favorite product?

The day cream normal. This one fits my skin perfectly, is not sticky and still moisturizes enough for dry skin. Make-up is well absorbed by the skin.

Describe why you think Zeitschild distinguishes itself from other brands?

"Zeitschild is safe for my skin by eliminating foreign substances. The products are more moisturizing than other products without feeling sticky."

Let's talk about skincare

Take care of your skin!

If you, like Merle, have a dry scalp with eczema, take care of it and think about what you put on your skin.

Would you like advice from our skin experts? Contact us via the form or send us a pm via Instagram or Whatsapp.

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