Meet Lore Sauvage (34 years) - Skin type: Dry skin

Lore Sauvage

hey lore! Tell us a bit more about yourself

Hello, I am Lore, 34 years old and mother of 3 beautiful children. I have a passion for fashion and for children.

How did you come into contact with Zeitschild products?

Via a friend. She used the products and recommended Zeitschild to me as her favorite skincare brand.

You have dry skin, what should we imagine?

Yes that's right. I have rather dry skin with the typical tight feeling. If I don't apply a cream, my skin quickly feels 'tight'.

Which products from our range do you use?

I use the anti-wrinkle serum, the night cream and the day cream.

What is your favorite product?

All 3 are top products! I can not live without.

Describe why you think Zeitschild distinguishes itself from other brands?

"The only care that keeps my skin balanced, supple and hydrated all day long."

Meet lore sauvage

Zeitschild products recommended for dry, sensitive skin:

'in the morning:

'in the evening:

Take care of your skin!

If you, like Lore, have dry skin with the typical pulling feeling, take care of it and think about what you put on your skin.

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