Meet Merle Meus (Owner Knapshop) - Skin type: dry scalp

Merle Meus

Hey Merle! Tell us a bit more about yourself

Hello, I'm Merle, owner of Knapshop and mother of 3 beautiful children. With Knapshop we are happy to help you to a cleaner and more sustainable life, without sacrificing luxury and convenience.

You have sensitive skin, what should we imagine?

In general I have a sensitive skin type and in the winter months I suffer from a dry scalp and eczema.

Which products from our range do you use?

The scalp lotion is my ultimate rescue for my hypersensitive, dry scalp.

Merle user experience - Zeitschild Scalp Lotion

Describe why you think Zeitschild distinguishes itself from other brands?

"After a few treatments, my scalp had already calmed down. The Zeitschild products are also very user-friendly and easy to dose"

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Zeitschild Scalp Relief & Repair lotion recommended for dry, sensitive scalp:

The lotion provides quick relief and provides long-lasting protection for the scalp. the lotion mimics the structure of the intercellular lipids of the healthy skin barrier.

Usage: Apply twice a day to the desired area, no need to rinse.

Take care of your skin!

If you, like Merle, have a dry scalp with eczema, take care of it and think about what you put on your skin.

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