Meet Wendy (32 years old) - Skin type: Sensitive skin

Zeitschild experience

Hey Wendy! How did you come into contact with Zeitschild products?

Years of searching for the ideal skin care left me distraught. By reading the experiences of other Zeitschild users with the same skin type, I decided that I wanted to test the products.

You have sensitive skin, what should we imagine?

I've had atopic eczema since I was a kid. Fortunately, with Zeitschild, this is now stable. Before that I had dry to flaky skin in the fall and winter and tight, red skin in the spring and summer.

Which products from our range do you use?

I use the entire product range. The aesthetic line is a perfect daily routine for my sensitive skin. I don't have an uproar of irritation now, even at the change of the season.

What is your favorite product?

That's a tough one, but when I have to deal with the annoying itching and irritation, I prefer the scalp lotion. This one is easy to use and finally my scalp is itch free and balanced.

Describe why you think Zeitschild distinguishes itself from other brands?

"It does what it promises and because of this I have learned to love my skin again."

Awareness is a very important one here! You only have one skin and I know with Zeitschild that I approach my skin in a safe way every day.

Zeitschild products recommended for dry, sensitive skin:

'in the morning:

'in the evening:

Take care of your skin!

If you have sensitive skin like Wendy, take care of it and think about what you put on your skin.

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Take care of your skin

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