Psoriasis: An annoying and persistent skin condition.

What is psoriasis?

Psoriasis is a chronic, often hereditary skin condition characterized by accelerated division and reduced maturation of the cells in the epidermis.

In normal skin, the skin cells mature in 28 to 30 days after which they loosen and fall off unnoticed. In psoriatic skin, skin cells mature in 3 to 4 days where they eventually build up in the form of thick red, scaly lesions.

Cause of psoriasis

The exact cause of psoriasis is not known, but dermatologists do know that the immune system plays a very important role in this. That is why the word “autoimmune disease” is often used here.

In psoriasis, the patient's immune system overstimulates its own tissues, in this case the skin cells.

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Psoriasis is not stable. There are often periods of flare-ups, but also periods when it is much less. What are the triggers that flare up psoriasis?

  • Stress and tension – Very strongly related to flare-ups of psoriasis.
  • Wounds, scratches and infections
  • sunburn
  • To smoke

What to do with psoriasis – 6 Tips

  1. Keep moisturizing and moisturizing your skin. Dry skin is much more susceptible to flare-ups of psoriasis

  2. Take a lukewarm bath for 15 minutes every now and then. This allows the flakes to come off gently and helps to reduce the itchiness.

  3. Avoid using products that contain perfume, fragrances or dyes. Less is more!

  4. Do not peel off skins or scratch the spots. This only makes it worse

  5. Avoid stressful situations

  6. Don't ignore the outbursts. Keep a journal so you can find the trigger.

Skin strengthening range

Ar serum

The products are free from perfume, fragrances or dyes and have been specifically developed for the intensive care and protection of very sensitive, troubled, reactive and allergic skin.

Our products contain only anti-inflammatory, skin calming and emollient ingredients in high concentration for optimal repair of the disrupted skin barrier.

Recognizable in psoriasis patients

One of the most commonly prescribed ointments for psoriasis is with cortisone. This is certainly efficient and is recommended in acute flare-ups. However, cortisone is quite aggressive, it will thin the skin and you should never use it for more than a week in a row.

Our AR serum and BR cream are a perfect addition to this treatment because these products will strengthen the skin barrier and are not invasive for the skin.

Recommended products by skin specialists and dermatologists for psoriasis:

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