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After the summer, the skin is often restless. The summer months can have a serious impact on the skin in terms of dullness, pigmentation spots and imperfections.

UV radiation not only causes pigmentation spots and a duller skin, but also makes your skin drier and thicker. This increases the chance of blockages in the skin.

Zeitschild - Skin Balance

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Seasonal switch

The skin likes consistency. When the temperature changes, the skin expresses its displeasure.

The switch from summer to fall will make the skin work harder to maintain adequate hydration as the cold weather and gusty winds kick in. Your lifestyle changes by taking warmer showers and using heating in the home/office.

The skin barrier is disrupted during this period and is therefore much more prone to the development of inflamed, irritated and dehydrated skin.

First aid for humidity

When the humidity is suddenly much lower, we recommend limiting showering to no more than 5 minutes (the better for that rising energy bill) and always avoid (too) hot water.

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Within a minute of showering, apply a moisturizing cream rich in ingredients such as glycerin , ceramides and hyaluronic acid .

The same goes for your facial cleanser. Due to the excessive use of sunscreen and contact with chlorine in recent months, an accumulation of dead skin cells has arisen.

Make sure you don't skip your cleansing morning or evening and focus on a moisturizing lotion that generously supports the skin during its recovery process.

feed the skin

The skin can start to feel tight as you gradually turn up the heat.

Make sure your skin's hydration takes precedence by installing an air diffuser at the office/home and switching your day cream to a rich, fuller cream.

The Daycare Rich from Zeitschild is your 'partner in cream' this month when it comes to strengthening the natural barrier structure. An active moisture supply ensures that your skin regains its natural glow.

Daycare Rich van Zeitschild

Remember: We can't control the weather, but the health of our skin can.

Pay attention to your skin and make regular changes to your skin routine.

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We take care of your skin!

Love, Gaelle

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