Lubrication for men - Why men should also lubricate

Most likely you have also spotted your man in the bathroom with your day cream. Or maybe, when it comes to beauty routine, you have a caveman living at home. They don't like to admit it, but they too often experience disturbed skin and need support here too. Only… it must remain simple and above all not sticky.

Read here why men should also lubricate.

Zeitschild Men

Yes, men also get wrinkles

The men are lucky to have thicker skin than the women. As a result, those wrinkles appear slightly later than in the woman, but unfortunately they are often deeper.

Zeitschild provides a perfume-free, skin-enhancing range that no man can say no to!

The anti-wrinkle serum contains peptides that will tackle the deeper wrinkles, where in men they mainly occur on the forehead.

shaving violence

Shaving has an impact on the skin. Due to an accumulation of dead skin flakes, the hairs lie obliquely and this creates a painful feeling during shaving.

A mild cleaning beforehand ensures that the dead skin cells are removed and the face already receives an initial hydration.

Also ideal for men who experience a tight feeling after showering.

Zeitschild for men

keep it simple

No shaving, no greasing. Every man should learn that. Many men suffer from an irritated neck, ingrown hairs, bumps and red spots after shaving ...

At Zeitschild we love effective and sustainable care. Not too much fuss, but a correct approach.

>> Easy routine:

The Active Relief Serum is a fast-acting cooling serum that immediately soothes the skin.

Boswellia Serrata plays an important role here as an active ingredient in soothing redness, irritation and has an anti-inflammatory function.

Skincare for men

The Daycare Sensitive will restore and regenerate the skin barrier. By shaving you will approach this protection gate, making it more sensitive to external influences.

Niacinamide will support the regeneration of skin cells and provide barrier protection from within.

Zeitschild Skincare for men

The solution is to ensure proper cleaning and care.

My new skincare routine from @zeitschild.skincare really works wonders for my skin. This post is not sponsored, the products were recommended to me by @thomieyourhomie who, like me, is very happy with the results. My skin feels tighter, I have no discoloration under my eyes and I feel refreshed and awake. This one is here to stay!

So ladies: There's nothing more appealing than healthy skin, right?!

Do you have any questions or would you like more information about the product range?

Feel free to send an email to or contact us via our contact form .

We take care of your skin!

Love, Gaelle

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