Summer skincare tips & tricks! How do you take care of your skin in the summer?

Your skin needs essential fatty acids, vitamins and sufficient moisture to maintain its health. Many vitamins that are essential for your skin are broken down daily by light and other environmental factors. Your skin needs that support in its deficiency to be able to defend itself.

Daily protection of your skin barrier ensures more self-confidence, even later in life.

Zeitschild Summer Skin

How does summer affect your skin?

As the weather warms and the humidity in the area increases, your skin's sebaceous glands start producing excess sebum (natural oil). The secreted oil sticks to the skin's surface, leading to stickiness, grease and clogged pores.

Acne pimples are the most common problem that occurs in summer. People with oily skin are more prone to it because the bacteria and oils in the skin mix with the sweat, causing clogged pores and acne.

When your skin is exposed to the harmful UV rays, melanin production increases to protect your skin from sun damage. Melanin has Photoprotection (the biochemical process that helps organisms deal with molecular damage caused by sunlight) properties. Excess melanin results in darker, tanned skin. Other problems can include itchy skin, prickly heat, sunburn, and rashes due to sun sensitivity.

Your Skincare routine during summer

Maintain a skin care regimen and follow it religiously. Skin barrier protection should be on your daily to-do list! This is the only way to prevent the skin from penetrating harmful ingredients and UV radiation.

  1. Apply your serum first for protection and hydration of the deeper layers of the skin.
  2. Then apply your day cream that acts as a protection shield throughout the day.

My skin gives me confidence - Zeitschild Skincare

Zeitschild, Your protection shield

Our serums offer a profound effect, so that not only the barrier, but also the deeper layers of the skin experience a hydration. The day creams are your shield and keep the substances out of your skin that don't belong there.

It is the skin care beforehand and the sun protection afterwards that together form the protection shield.

Vitamin A and C as a lifesaver

Sun rays penetrate deep into the skin. Collagen and elastin tissues are affected in this way, triggering the skin aging process. Zeitschild uses ingredients at in vivo concentrations so that the products are also suitable for (very) sensitive skin.

cream night repair


These usually occur in people with fair skin types. These skin types can get sunburned and sun damage very easily. For example, the AR serum will ensure that the skin is immediately calmed and the redness is suppressed. The BR cream restores the skin barrier and provides the necessary hydration.

SCALPCARE during summer

The scalp is an area that is often forgotten. This damage is also caused by the sun. UV dries out your hair and your scalp is prone to sunburn. Use the Scalp Lotion preventively as a protective shield for this sensitive skin layer. When burned, it will take on the calming, restorative function.

Scalpcare during summer - coupe soleil

After sun exposure

Depending on your skin type, you may or may not experience a rapid skin reaction. The fair skin types can become red and experience a burning sensation more quickly, while some even show a sun allergy.

Before sun exposure and applying your sun factor, it is extremely important to protect the skin barrier. Only in this way can no foreign substances, such as perfume, penetrate the skin.

The AR serum immediately soothes, tackles and relieves redness. The lower melting point allows it to reach deeper into the skin, so that the skin will experience a faster effect.

Good to know: The derma systems can also be used for children.

Our Summer Tips:

  • Wear sunscreen

The UV rays from the sun can be very harsh. In addition to giving you a stubborn tan, they can cause premature aging, age spots, fine lines and wrinkles. A good sunscreen with SPF 30-50 is essential for the summer months for all skin types, even if you stay indoors most of the time. If you go swimming, we recommend that you apply sunscreen several times.

Sunscreen minimizes UV damage such as wrinkles, spots and other signs of aging. More importantly, it reduces your risk of skin cancer. Stay safe and don't forget sunscreen.

  • Avoid heavy makeup

Heavy makeup prevents the skin from breathing. Humidity and heat also affect the skin's ability to breathe.

  • Be friends with H2o

Staying hydrated is vital for your health and your skin. Be careful not to overheat, as that can worsen your eczema and cause heat rash.

Water is so incredibly important, not just because it keeps your skin beautiful and flawless. More importantly, water helps your body maintain a normal temperature. It protects your spine and other sensitive tissues. After all, water keeps you alive, especially during hot days. So drink it even if you think you are not thirsty.

A summer-friendly beauty routine will keep your skin happy and healthy all season long.

Getting into the heat of an air-conditioned environment and vice versa, excessive exposure to sunlight, swimming to keep cool and humidity can adversely affect your skin. The good news is that you can restore your skin's natural balance and glow and maintain good health by taking good care of your skin. Follow a regular skin care routine, eat healthy and use simple yet effective natural remedies to get glowing skin.

Does your skin change with the seasons?

Yes, the skin changes with the seasons. Winter brings dry weather that drains the skin of its natural moisture and causes flaky, itchy skin. Humidity in the summer can lead to bacterial infections due to sweat, clogged pores and acne. Air conditioning in the summer and heating in the winter can both dry out the skin. So every season comes with its set rules for skin care.

In the summer, your skin needs extra attention and care. With a few simple steps, such as cleansing and moisturizing, staying hydrated and using sunscreen, you can protect your skin from the harmful effects of the sun and heat.

Protect the skin you're in

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