The (pre) - pregancy essentials. An effective skin care and efficient vitamin cure to get into your feminine balance.

Both during pregnancy and during pregnancy, the female body undergoes a lot of hormonal fluctuations. Your mental and physical health is going through a rollercoaster of changes.

Zeitschild and Insentials focus on women and her (preventive) recovery 'from the inside out' in the long term. A scientific, naturally effective skin care and efficient vitamin cure with ONLY ingredients and ingredients to get (back) into your feminine balance . NO unnecessary fillers, preservatives or irritants!

Read the essence of a no-nonsense support here.

Mom essentials - Super women extra support

The longing for being a mom, the hormonal process, the different energy levels during pregnancy, being a mom,… A lot is expected of your body and you notice that both physically and mentally. Let's put it like it is: the woman really is the strongest sex!

Zeitschild and Insentials have teamed up to give extra support to all those superwomen, both from the inside and the outside.

1. SMART BALANCE by Insentials

SMART BALANCE by Insentials

The female body needs more. More does not mean an overload of vitamins, but the right vitamins in 100% dosage. This multivitamin only contains nutrients that your body really needs in 1 unique capsule for optimal absorption.

Recommended use : 1 month, 30 tabs to be taken with your first meal.

2. BALANCE ME by Insentials

BALANCE ME by Insentials

The woman goes through major changes in her life and must be able to adapt to any situation. The Balance Me is a notified nutritional supplement with, among other things, Magnesium Gylercophospate, Vitamin B5 and Vitamin B6 to monitor the correct female balance.


Recommended use : Follow the Insentials course for a minimum of 3-6 months. To be taken with your first meal.

3. ACTIVE RELIEF SERUM by Zeitschild


The soothing serum of choice for irritated, acne-prone skin.

Redness, itching and swelling are quickly suppressed and soothed. Beta glucan ensures rapid skin regeneration here.

Moreover, the product for combination skin as it does not cause a shine effect.

Recommended use : Apply once a day before your day cream.

4. DAYCARE SENSITIVE by Zeitschild


This day care focuses on the skin barrier and its recovery. The natural barrier function can be disrupted by hormonal fluctuations, which in turn manifests itself in irritation or hypersensitivity.

Niacinamide (vitamin B3) here strengthens and regenerates the natural barrier function and brings the skin back into balance.

Recommended use : Apply once a day after your serum.

The (mom) faces behind the collab

Gaelle Six_Amandine De Paepe

“The process to becoming a mom has been a bumpy one and took a lot of energy and courage.

Amandine showed me what the female body really needs without all kinds of 'junk' and therefore often little outcome.

By using Insentials, I quickly noticed that the scientifically substantiated goal for both is the same: becoming aware of what you use and what your body really needs, taking into account the holistic view.”

- Gaelle Six

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We take care of your skin!


Love, Gaelle

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