Zeitschild is happy to support it during breast cancer month.

During and after cancer treatment, the skin has a hard time because of radiation. This can make her feel rough and uncomfortable, start to itch or even flake. The right care products soothe additional ailments and give you a little more rest, both mentally and physically.

The AR Serum and BR Cream provide a long-lasting solution to achieve rapid regeneration.

The procedure of a mastectomy also leaves a fairly large scar. Proper care is also required here. The Zeitschild scar cream is an intensive care cream for deep and long-lasting hydration of the scar area, without silicones.

AR Active Relief Serum:

Fast-acting serum for intense itching and irritation to achieve rapid skin regeneration. Contains skin-soothing, anti-inflammatory and soothing active ingredients.

BR barrier repair cream:

The BR cream restores the natural skin barrier of very sensitive, damaged and dry skin.

Are you looking for a high-quality skin care product for the most sensitive skin?

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