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There is almost always a scar after a deep wound. A natural consequence is that the skin loses its natural skin barrier. During the healing process, the skin needs support and protection for the repair of the affected tissue area.

Read here the essence of an active moisture supply.

Hydration is key - Hydrate

Scars are the body's way of shielding the skin from the outside.

It is closed occlusively so that it can completely close up and recover.

From the moment the scar comes back 'exposing' it craves hydration . If it is not supported in this, it will create extra scar tissue, which will make the barrier thicker (hypertrophy). The result is a less elastic skin, stiffness resulting in the well-known pulling feeling of the scar.

A scar cream will monitor the deep and long-lasting moisture balance .

Zeitschild Skincare Scar cream

Scar repair for every skin type - Every skin type

By mimicking a healthy skin lipid structure and eliminating foreign substances , we offer scar repair for every skin type without additional irritations.

This protects the scar tissue in the long term against moisture loss as well as against the ingress of harmful substances.

dr plovier about zeitschild scar cream

Never too much hydration

A lot of moisture loss through the scar also causes dry skin in some cases. This again causes more scar symptoms such as itching, pain and scaly or red skin.

This adjuvant therapy will promote the skin's own ceramide synthesis on the basis of Niacinamide . Glycerin , in turn, will protect the skin against dehydration, which means that this cream has a synergistic effect with the scar cream.

Extra plus: Suitable for barrier protection in children.


“I myself gave birth by Caesarean section and unfortunately I was left with the well-known scar. I used the scar cream postnatally on my own scar tissue and only applied the cream on the left side to track the difference. Mentally it was so good to see that the scar decreased in thickness, the redness disappeared and the skin tightened again. “

- Gaelle Six

Result scar cream after a month

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